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Music is Easy is a new and revolutionary approach to learning Music by harnessing Flow State, using principles only recently discovered in Cognitive Neuroscience. Music is Easy Method was designed by THABO Founder and Co-Leader Edward Cubitt, after nearly a decade of research including participation in Flow-State Studies at Goldsmith's University in 2006 (click for study)
Ed streams regular interactive Music is Easy Sessions on Twitch at, and you can find Video introductions and support for the method on YouTube at
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THABO Education projects, including lessons and workshops, are delievered using Music is Easy, and we're doing all kinds of things, including starting a Music School at our Home at the 39th Croydon Scout Group's Hall in Thornton Heath.

For more information and to sign up, contact or use the contact forms on this website.

To say hi, ask us about the project, or just hang and share your music, please
join our Discord Server..

On our Discord, £5+/month Patrons and all Tiers of Twitch Subscriber will have access to learning resources, including a downloadable PDF of Music is Easy and 40+ pages of Supplementary Material. We will also be regularly adding new behind the scenes THABO content and Request Tutorials.

For original music, looped jams, pre-recorded tutorials, and fun Music shenanigans (including Minecraft Afrobeat Arrangements!) check out

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