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Music is Easy is the result of nearly a decade of research, testing and refinement by Edward Cubitt into Flow State. 

Music is Easy provides a simple and universally accessible pathway for learning Western Music through Play, with Core Books 1 and 2 containing the Games and a read-out-loud Play Guide. These books are as good for self-directed learning as they are when used / Played with others, and are ideal for use by Teachers, Parents and Carers. 

The Games contained within the Books are particularly effective when used to support Neurodiversity and other Access Challenges, providing both a cognitive diagnostic and support framework for cognitive mal-processing, and a medium by which learners of different ability and Access levels are able to share in creative growth through music. 

The four core Games of the Method create a comprehensive system for harnessing and utilising principles of Flow-State learning to access intuitive growth.

Book 1 : Foundation contains the basic framework and rules of the Games, Book 2 : Freedom guides the learner to elaborate these Games into the Foundations of Western Music. 

Books 3 : Confines and 4 : Flow are in the works. 

You can access Digital Copies of Music is Easy, Books 1 and 2 - at Ed's web store at

You can order hard copies at or respectively for UK / US shipping.

Game 1 :
C is to the Left

Learning the pattern on the Piano.

12 Tone Equal Temperament

Mapping the Major Scale

Vocabulary : Call and Response, Interval, Semi-tone, Half-step, Octave

C is to the Left page.png

Game 2 :
The Word Game

Practicing finding the notes on your instrument

Writing Melodies

Having fun exploring words

Learners self-discover Vertical representation

Games :

'Play it faster', 'Play it twice', 'Play it backwards'

'What's that Song?'

'Speed Words'

The Word Game Page.png

Game 3 :
The Rhythm Game

Writing Rhythms and Feeling Them

Having fun exploring Rhythms

Transition between clapping and instruments

Games :

'Play it faster', 'Play it twice', 'Play it backwards'

'Pass the Rhythm Round'


The Rythm Game.png

Game 4 :
The Meow-Coaster

Using the Voice as a Tool

Overcoming Fear

Everybody can Sing


Music is Easy on YouTube

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