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Mark and Ed


Jazz Duo


aka. Don't F with that Hippo, Man

Mark and Ed Duo Jazz

Mark and Ed Duo Jazz

Mark and Ed are a contemporary groove and jazz-infused musical duo that masterfully blend the rhythmic drive of Cello-Bass with the warmth and bite of Jazz Guitar, creating a groove that resonates with the soul. Their music—a dialogue between stringed harmony and infectious groove—invites audiences of all backgrounds to a serene, yet captivating experience.

With a diverse repertoire that spans traditional jazz, reflective ballads and high-energy bebop, funk and soul grooves, reggae, bossa nova, folk traditions, and interpretations of Popular Classics, this cello-guitar pairing is a perfect fit for a variety of settings, from laid-back lounge evenings to vibrant cultural celebrations. The organic chemistry between the instruments captivates listeners, offering a soothing and spirited escape.

Whether providing an elegant ambiance for a private function or adding a touch of sophistication to a community festival, Mark and Ed deliver performances that are both engaging and relaxing. Their sound is a subtle nod to pan-African roots while embracing universal jazz allure, making them a versatile choice for event planners seeking to enchant and entertain.

Please email for booking details. Prices sensible.

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